Social Studies

The Social Studies Department is dedicated to introducing our students to the amazing story of our world, both past and present. Today, we face a world filled with daunting challenges and inspiring opportunities. Globalization and technological change have connected our planet in ways never thought possible. At Brother Rice, our faculty will acquaint our young men with the complexities of the world, so that they can be prepared to take their place as successful citizens in it.

In the social studies, we offer the students a diverse required three year course of study.

  • The Freshman year, offers the choice between Western Civilization or Honors Western Civilization.
  • In the Junior year, the students may choose between United States History or Advanced Placement United States History (which includes the Advanced Placement exam for college credit).
  • Finally, in the Senior year, the students begin with a course in Economics in the fall semester before transitioning into either American Government or Advanced Placement American Government (which includes the Advanced Placement exam for college credit).
  • Additionally, for students interested in social studies electives, courses are offered in Psychology, World Geography, and Advanced Placement European History.

Our experienced social studies faculty has embraced technology to create a dynamic classroom filled with inquiry-based learning, project-based assessment, and a focus on sharpening the student’s presentation skills. At Brother Rice, we are determined to teach our students the lessons of yesterday by using the tools of tomorrow.