The world is becoming more and more global; because of this it is more and more important that students have a basic understanding of other languages and cultures. The Foreign Language Department provides a keen and inspirational ambiance for the students to communicate in different languages, and to encourage and assist them in immersing themselves into various cultures. Brother Rice High School offers Spanish, Latin and Chinese classes, and a course on ancient Greek language and cultures. Brother Rice students are also allowed to take French and German classes at Marian High School should they wish to do so.

In order to graduate, a student must complete two years of foreign language, however, every Brother Rice student is encouraged to take four years of a language. This gives the student a deep understanding of the language, the areas where it is most common, and the cultures of those areas. More information about each language and individual course descriptions can be found by clicking on the “Departments & Courses” link to view the the 2017-2018 Curriculum Guide.


Language Department Directory

Rossana De Angelis, Chair – Ex. 2260
Carla Bartlett – Ex. 2261
Andrew Ciesielski ’02 – Ex. 2262
Reed DeMarco – Ex. 2263
Vicky Thomsen