Brother Rice High School is dedicated to providing opportunities for development of the spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, and social growth of each student.

The years spent at Brother Rice are the most important time in a student’s development.  We believe that helping our students find out who they are starts with enabling them to discover hidden talents and passions.  We encourage our students to embrace new experiences and we ensure they have plenty of opportunities to do so. Such activities are designed to help the student develop his talents and interests and to learn how to live, work, and share cooperatively with others.  

No matter what a student’s interest is, we have a club for him or he can start a new one.  Students connecting with each other outside the classroom and across a variety of interests is what builds a stronger bond of brotherhood.

Current Extracurricular Activities & Clubs include:

Art Club

Art Club typically meets in the Art Room after school twice a month or as needed. Students are invited to bring individual projects or complete something as a group. Our 2022 goal is to complete a mural on the Art Room Wall.

Moderator: Mrs. Mary Lou Stropoli

Band of Brothers

The band system promotes the formation of the entire person and instills the Pillars of RICE values, strengthens a sense of community, encourages the development of relationships, and enables a more proactive development of leadership skills. In place of a typical homeroom setting, each student is part of a mentor group within a band, and all grades are intermixed. As a result, students lead, interact, befriend and enjoy the camaraderie as brothers across all grades. To learn more, click the Band of Brothers link in the top/left corner.

Program Director: Mr. Joe Kalczynski


The Black Awareness Society for Education is a student-led group with the purpose of bringing to light and educating all students on issues that impact racial harmony, particularly from the African American experience. BASE encourages responsible youth leadership, empowers students to explore different viewpoints while allowing a bridge of communication, and also enables students to be a positive force for change within themselves, their school, and their communities. BASE students will unify around understanding, embracing, and appreciating differences through empathy and respect for intercultural awareness. Members work to plan educational and service opportunities that can enhance learning and growth through the Pillars of RICE. Membership is open to ALL students, and meetings are every other Thursday at 3:00 pm.

Moderator: Mrs. Jackie Little-Gilmore


The Business Entrepreneurship Alliance for Marian and Rice (BEAM&R) teaches and introduces students to business and entrepreneurship, business-related activities such as workshops, fund raising, guest speakers and marketing lectures, all striving to provide our students with more business knowledge and promote future entrepreneurs. To learn more, click the BEAM&R link in the top/left corner.

Moderator: Mr. Mark Dyar

Blessed Edmund Service Corps

Description here

Moderator: Mr. Thane Hall

Boardercross Club

The Warrior Boardercross Team competes in Boardercross races at Alpine Valley Ski area and Mt. Brighton. No snowboarding experience is necessary to join the team, but a commitment to multiple practices and races each week during the winter sports season is a must. Meetings will occur in November and races will occur when the snow falls.

Moderator: Mr. Sean Williamson

Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast journalism is a course that works with the Chieftain to bring the news to students, staff, parents, and alumni. Students will learn how to broadcast news through video and radio, edit video and audio, interview, perform a newscast, operate the camera for news reporting, and learn storytelling techniques for broadcast. Students will be part of the monthly segment of Chieftain Live radio podcast of Chieftain Chats. To learn more, click the Broadcast Journalism link in the top/left corner.

Instructor: Mr. Bob Kroll

Chieftain Newspaper

The Chieftain is the official student run publication of Brother Rice High School. The Chieftain comes out monthly, with additional special editions coming out as required. It is written, edited, and published by the journalism class. The class is made up of sophomores, juniors, and seniors who enjoy writing and would like to learn more about journalism and the process that goes into writing and publishing an article. To learn more, please click the Chieftain link in the top/left corner.

Moderator: Ms. Andrea Vendittelli

Christ Child

Christ Child description coming soon!

Moderator: Ms. Wendy Nuss

Competitive Sailing Club

The Competitive Sailing Club is offered for Brother Rice and Marian students. Students will be trained tactically and educated to understand the mechanics of rigging and caring for their vessel. Experience is not a criterion. It is a fall and spring sport. A student can choose to participate in either option or both. To learn more, click the Competitive Sailing link in the top/left corner.



The debate and forensics teams encourage students of all levels of comfort with public speaking to participate and develop skills crucial in today’s job market and critical for professional development. In debate, young men learn and develop their understanding of argumentation theory, how to construct and design logical arguments, the art of refuting opposing arguments, research skills, and the use of supporting evidence all while developing confidence, composure, persuasion, critical thinking, and awareness of current events. To learn more, click the Debate link in the top/left corner.

Moderators: Mr. Don Ciaravino

Engineering Club

Notable guests will visit the Engineering Club for presentations on their student journey to become an engineer and their jobs in the field since. Engineering Club is separate from the Mech Warriors. Mech Warriors is a competitive robotics team, while Engineering Club provides valuable opportunities for students to gain exposure to the different aspects of the engineering field through lectures and other club activities, and has a timely impact on the future aspirations of its members.

Moderator: Mr. James Higdon


Intramurals teams include football and basketball, and allow students to experience a variety of physical activity and games that will contribute to an active and healthy lifestyle without the competitiveness that comes with traditional team sports.

Moderator: Mr. Scott Kuschel

Investors Club

The Investors Club is a forum for teenage investment advice for students interested in the stock market business. You will learn about current events in the market and discuss stocks that are moving and shaking. Meetings are once a week. Student leaders pick topics to explore.

Moderator: Mr. Scott Kuschel

Latin Honor Society

Membership in the Latin National Honor Society is offered to students who meet the criteria established for the LNHS.

Moderator: Mr. Reed DeMarco

Marian Rice Players

Marian Rice Players (MRP) is the performing arts company of Marian and Brother Rice High Schools. This group stages a play each fall and a musical each spring in the Marian auditorium. Outstanding performances include not only the talent of the student actors, but the dedication and skills of stage crews, costume committees, lighting staffs, production people, and the many other support groups necessary for producing excellent theater. Membership is open to Marian and Brother Rice students. To learn more, click the Performing & Fine Arts link in the top/left corner.

Marian Rice Concert Choir

In order to participate – students must sign up for this 1 credit/full year class that meets at Marian High School. To learn more, click the Performing & Fine Arts link in the top/left corner.

Mech Warriors Robotics

Our robotics team (more commonly known as the Mech Warriors) is both an OCCRA and a FIRST team. The team, along with mentors, parents, and sponsors, create a diverse group devoted to learning and competing. Our mission is to create an environment where those students can gain experience in science, technology, engineering, math, and business fields while simultaneously taking away life skills in teamwork and discipline. To learn more, click the Mech Warriors link in the top/left corner.

Moderator: Ms. Lisa Savage

Medical Club

As the complex study of medicine continues to revolutionize, the necessity for students to gain exposure to the reality of the medical field through lectures and volunteer opportunities is increasing, and this club has a timely impact on the future aspirations of its members. To learn more, click the Medical Club link in the top/left corner.

Moderator: Mrs. Bo Chumiecki

Model United Nations

An Academic Team, Model United Nations (MUN) offers a great opportunity for students interested in making friends while sharpening research and debate skills. In MUN, the boys are placed in the role of delegate in the United Nations. In that role, they grapple with real world problems such as refugees, terrorism, and international humanitarian crises. The boys must use their knowledge of the issues and the foreign policy of the country they are representing to form resolutions that can win the support of their UN committee and combat the issue-at-hand. To learn more, click the Model United Nations link in the top/left corner.

Moderator: Mr. Scott Kuschel

National Honor Society

The Aquinas Chapter at Brother Rice High School is directly affiliated with the National Honor Society, one of the most prominent nation-wide organizations for high school students. Like the organization at large, the chapter is founded upon the pillars of character, scholarship, leadership, and service, and students embracing these ideals are encouraged to join. Members show their commitment to these pillars by keeping the standard of excellence in and out of the class and by facilitating various activities within the school community. Members of the Aquinas Chapter are ambassadors of the school and seek to perform service at Brother Rice, and in the community whenever possible. Membership is limited to juniors and seniors. To learn more, click the National Honor Society link in the top/left corner.

Moderators: Ms. Lindsay Hoyt and Mrs. Mary Beth Klawender

Pep Band

Supports sporting events; this group is outfitted for marching at events and parades. To learn more, click the Performing & Fine Arts link in the top/left corner.

Moderator: Mrs. Anna Bosler Santeiu

Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl is a competition in which students are tested on everything from history to science, politics to pop culture. While students involved in quiz bowl are typically “full of fun facts,” there is no expectation that members will know everything that they are asked about. The Brother Rice Quiz Bowl Team welcomes all Brother Rice students to join to have fun, meet new people, be a member of a team, and make true the saying that “you learn something new everyday.” Students will also be exposed to a broad range of information, learn good study skills, and will enhance their ability to think under pressure. Quiz Bowl is not a large time commitment and is great for students who are looking to get more involved but do not have the time to commit to other after school activities.

Moderator: Mr. Don Ciaravino

Random Acts of Charity Club

Description coming soon!

Moderator: Mr. Thane Hall


SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions, is a national based organization that promotes teen empowerment and uses peer influence to spread the message of positive decision-making. At Brother Rice High School, we try to educate our peers and community about destructive decisions and the impact they have on our lives. Anyone is welcome to join!

Moderator: Mr. Kevin Krysiak

Spanish Honor Society

La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica recognizes the scholarship and academic achievement in the study of Spanish.

Moderator: Mrs. Nicole Battista

Warriors Against Waste

Description here

Moderator: Mr. Thane Hall

Warriors for LIFE

Warriors for Life club at Brother Rice is not only dedicated to educating our student body, but actively participating in other organizations such as MAUBC, and Students for Life. Our goal overall is to spread the Pro-life spirit on campus and to the surrounding community.


All activities involved in the yearbook club focus on the construction of the yearbook. Taking pictures, drawing layouts, cropping photographs, writing and typing copy. Students undertake the responsibilities of managing sections of the book and work September through May to produce the annual edition of the Quest.

Moderator: Mrs. Mary Lou Stropoli

Brother Rice High School is a National Blue Ribbon School and ranked the #1 Catholic High School in Michigan for four consecutive years. A proud private educational institution located in Bloomfield Hills.