Physical Education

Brother Rice considers the health and physical fitness of its students to be of utmost importance. One of the ways this is promoted is through the physical education department. The physical education department offers two required courses. Freshmen take a one semester, pass/fail, physical education class that focuses on exercise, nutrition, and the basic concepts, strategies, and rules of a variety of sports. In their second year, students take a semester long health class, aimed at educating students on health concerns that high school and college students are most likely to face and how these things affect them mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

The physical education department also offers a one semester, pass/fail, strength and conditioning course that gives students the opportunity to take the exercise and nutrition concepts they learned in physical education and build on them. The class may be taken by students of all levels of athleticism and physical condition. The class is difficult as the student makes it, though each student will be pushed to perform to the best of their ability. Students will spend each week lifting weights, going through conditioning and agility drills, and engaging in a weekly competition, typically a sport decided on by the class.

Brother Rice High School considers health and physical fitness to be a very important issue in this day and age, and is determined to give students the tools they need to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.