The Parent-Student Handbook has been compiled to familiarize parents and students with Brother Rice’s philosophy, goals, academic requirements, school services and activities, student conduct and responsibilities, and any other pertinent information.  Brother Rice provides an excellent educational experience for all students, while at the same time affording young men the opportunity to mature into Christian gentlemen.  Students are encouraged to develop their academic and extracurricular talents in a community of faith where teachers, parents, administrators, staff, and students endeavor to live the values of the Gospel.

By enrolling at Brother Rice, both parents and the student agree that the student will comply with all regulations that are now in effect or which may become effective during the student’s enrollment at Brother Rice concerning conduct, dress, attendance, and official vacation periods, and that the student will fulfill all academic requirements. The parents also agree to meet annual financial obligations to the school. Parents and students should read and discuss the contents of the Parent-Student Handbook. It is very important that parents and students familiarize themselves with the standards of discipline and the rules of conduct that must be respected and honored during the student’s enrollment at Brother Rice.

Parents and students are required to sign the Parent-Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form and return it to the Dean’s Office.

Thank you for allowing the Brother Rice family to share with you the opportunity and responsibility of encouraging, guiding, and assisting your son to pursue his education and to nurture the values, understandings, and skills he needs for a happy, fruitful and successful life.

Teachers will keep confidential information entrusted to them so long as no one’s life, health or safety is at stake. Parents will be promptly notified of teacher concerns.

Click here for the 2023-2024 Student-Parent Handbook.

Brother Rice High School is a National Blue Ribbon School and ranked the #1 Catholic High School in Michigan for four consecutive years. A proud private educational institution located in Bloomfield Hills.