Brother Rice High School is proud to offer a variety of music classes that give students the opportunity to develop a better understanding of music, which is more present in our everyday lives now than ever. The Brother Rice music department offers courses in musicology and songwriting & production. In addition to those classes, Brother Rice also offers four courses where the students perform as well: concert band, chamber ensemble, jazz band, and pep band. Jazz band and pep band meet before school, while the other classes each have a normal class period during the day.

The Music room is climate controlled, carpeted, and contains storage areas for every music student. The music department has two baby grand pianos as well as state of the art recording and production facilities. The music department welcomes students who are interested in music, and willing to work hard to become the best musician, writer, or producer they can be, no matter their current talent level.

Please click the link above for more information about the music classes, or the virtual tour below to see the facilities.



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