Learning Excellence Brother Rice Catholic High School Bloomfield Hills MI

Center for Learning & Achievement

Transformational to Brother Rice High School, the Center for Learning & Achievement is a vibrant, interconnected hub for cross-disciplinary learning and an incubator for study skill and leadership skill development, innovative & entrepreneurial thinking, and character formation. 

It is the academic hub for all students to be informed, educated, inspired, and motivated to make the most of their studies, time, and opportunities. Students are animated to learn and empowered to achieve, setting the course for personal, educational, and professional pursuits beyond Brother Rice, uniquely prepared to leave their mark on the world.

The Center for Learning & Achievement  is foundational to the student learning experience throughout their tenure at Brother Rice High School. It houses four distinct Institutes programmatically aligned to live out the inspired ideals of our founding sixty years ago:

Brother Rice Catholic High School Bloomfield Hills MI

Aligned by mission, yet differentiated in offering, each Institute within the Center for Learning & Achievement offers unique instructional and experiential learning opportunities on and off-campus, symposiums for faculty, seminars for parents, and guest lectures with affiliated corporate, civic, industry, and educational leaders from across the state of Michigan and the region.