The Brother Rice science department has over 100 years of teaching experience divided among its 6 member team of Ray Kossakowski, Bob Riker, Joe Kalczynski, Bo Chumiecki, Aimee Price and Department Chair Bob Barnes. Just as important as their years in the classroom is their combined almost 40 years of real-world experience in the fields of Health Care, Kinesiology,  International Education (Environmental Microbiology in China), Engineering, (Automotive, Defense, and Infrastructure) and Business. Our teachers are not just textbook educators, but they provide students with real-world applications of the lessons they teach. By combining their life experiences and hands-on knowledge to the lessons they teach in the classroom many of their students, once graduated, will seek out careers in various fields of science.

Brother Rice understands the need to keep pace with the increasing need for technical expertise in the job market and is investing in state-of-the-art science classrooms, lab equipment and technology to serve our students and prepare them for college and beyond. In November 2014, Brother Rice opened a new science wing with two 21st century labs with lecture spaces. In August 2017, phase 2 of the science wing renovation was completed and two existing rooms were completely renovated to match the new rooms opened in 2014. All four rooms employ cutting-edge technology with multiple monitors to allow students to project their iPads on Apple TV with two other monitors available to display laptops, output from a document camera, or a DVD player.  In the summer of 2018, we plan to renovate the final two existing rooms to match the other four, so that all Brother Rice science rooms will offer an outstanding learning environment for our students’ benefit.

We recently added PASCO wireless Bluetooth interfaces to one of the best stocked high school science labs in the region, allowing students to connect their iPads wirelessly to motion, force, pH and temperature sensors among others. This allows them to collect data for AP and college prep physics, chemistry and biology labs in real-time during an experiment, enabling them to focus on the critical thinking aspects of the activity.

All of the facility improvements and high tech equipment pay off for our students as we ensure that they are well prepared for the next level:

  • 100% of Mrs. Chumiecki’s students received a passing grade on the 2017 AP Biology exam
  • Mr. Barnes’ AP Physics 1 students scored 48% higher on the AP Exam than the national average in 2016-2017 and 100% of his AP Physics 2 students received a passing score on the AP Exam in 2016.
  • On a macro level, the class of 2017 averaged 25 on the ACT exam science section compared to the National average of 21.0.

At Brother Rice, we recognize the need for our students to get on the right path early when thinking about college and a career. Students are required to take 3 credits of science, but more than 90% of our students graduate with 4 or more science credits.


Science Department Directory

Bob Barnes, Chair – Ex. 2231
Bo Chumiecki – Ex. 2235
Joe Kalczynski ’96 – Ex. 2292
Ray Kossakowski – Ex. 2233
Bob Riker – Ex. 2234
Aimee Price – Ex. 2236