Kairos and Retreats

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In the belief that student retreats are beneficial to the spiritual and faith development of our students, all students will be required to attend retreats while at Brother Rice.  It is important to their faith and it is important to strengthening the relationship with Christ and each others.



A Brief History of Kairos

Named for the Greek term meaning, “The Lord’s Time”, Kairos is a nation-wide spiritual growth program. It is not originally a Jesuit retreat per se. It was adapted from the Roman Catholic Cursillo (Spain, 1944) program by the Diocese of Brooklyn in 1965. Kairos made its main inroad into Jesuit circles when faculty at St. Ignatius HS in Chicago adapted the retreat soon after, incorporating more specifically Ignatian elements and language. It has also been formed into a prison ministry movement.

Just as did the original Cursillo program from which it is derived, Kairos incorporates several fundamentals of Ignatian spirituality, with a strong influence from the Spiritual Exercises The distinctive Celtic Cross has become associated with this experience at Brother Rice, and alumni of the program often wear it.

Kairos is a 3-day overnight spiritual and sacramental retreat meant to enhance the personal faith journey of each participant.

Seniors are strongly encouraged to attend one of the 3 Kairos Retreats, held at Manresa Jesuit Retreat Center in Bloomfield Hills. Kairos is a two night, three day experience for CHS Juniors and Seniors led by a team of their fellow students and faculty members.  Building upon the foundations established as underclassmen, participants of Kairos engage in a more substantial and challenging reflective experience. An in depth focus on relationships with family and friends helps clarify and deepen one’s understanding of and relationship with Christ. Most significantly, Kairos challenges each student to embrace the Christian call to service. Students often consider Kairos to be one of the most influential and powerful experiences during their four years at Brother Rice.

The dates for 2017-18 are:

  • Kairos 67:  Nov 8, 4:00PM – Nov 11 4:00 PM
  • Kairos 68:  Feb 6, 4:00 PM – Feb 9, 4:00 PM
  • Kairos 69:  April 10, 4:00 PM – April 13, 4:00 PM



Juniors may be allowed to attend the Kairos retreats, or may choose to attend the Nature Retreat in October.

Open to three juniors by invitation, the ACTION Retreat is a leadership workshop sponsored by the Congregation of Christian Brothers, and includes student representatives from Christian Brothers High Schools throughout the United States.



Service Learning Retreats to be attended by sophomore Theology classes on a given day throughout the school year, held at the Capuchin Service Center and Solanus Casey Center in Detroit.

Each sophomore Theology class will attend a Service Retreat Day, held at the Capuchin Service Center, Capuchin Soup Kithchen, and the Solanus Casey Center, all in Detroit.



All freshman, divided into two groups, travel to a retreat center that offers a high ropes challenge course. Typically offered during the first week of the school year, the retreat offers freshmen a chance to get to know some of their classmates as well as teaching them the value of teamwork in overcoming challenges.

Each Theology class will attend a one-day mini-retreat at school, focusing on the Life of Blessed Edmund Rice and the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Brother Education.


All Classes

Open to 15-20 students of any grade level, there will be an outdoor hiking retreat with Marian.  This coed retreat is focuses on the beauty of God’s creation, and on the many teachings of Jesus that are centered on nature.  The retreat takes place while hiking at a casual pace along the trails of a local state park, with stops for reflection every 15 minutes.