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Campus Ministry




Brother Rice High School is a Catholic community of faith.  The Campus Ministry Office offers programs, activities and services designed to enhance the faith development of the community.  Students are offered opportunities to develop, deepen and practice their relationship with God through liturgies and prayer services, service projects, retreats and special events.

Students are encouraged to become involved with the spiritual life of the school community. While various opportunities will arise throughout the school year, ongoing opportunities include:

  1. Assisting at all-school liturgies as altar servers and lectors
  2. Serving as ministers of music and choir members at all-school liturgies
  3. Lecturing at Friday morning daily Mass
  4. Leading all-school morning prayer over the P.A. system
  5. Being trained as a Minister of Communion and sharing that ministry at school Masses
  6. Serving as a student leader on Kairos (after having experienced Kairos as a candidate)



Edmund Rice Volunteer Corps

You, as an alumnus, are already a part of this mission. Edmund founded the Congregation of Christian Brothers in 1802 in Waterford, in order to provide quality, Catholic education to the materially poor.

The first Brothers came to the United States, to All Saints Grammar School, in 1906 and opened their first school in the United States in Harlem in 1909. The Congregation of Christian Brothers has successfully provided this education for almost two hundred years in 250 schools and colleges throughout the world, always trying to be true to the mission of Edmund Rice.

You now have an opportunity to contribute to that mission. Brother Rice High School is excited to introduce the Edmund Rice Volunteer Corps.

The purpose of The Volunteer Corp would be to provide young men the opportunity to work in direct service and ministry to Brother Rice in areas of need.

The Volunteer Corp will assist with substitute teaching, supervising school events, assisting with organization and running of Kairos and other retreats, securing and maintaining the indoor grounds, assisting various staff/teaching departments, and other duties that would help the school. The Edmund Rice Volunteer Corps will provide young alumni with the opportunity to use their talents and gifts nurtured at Brother Rice, for the betterment of the whole school community. As a member of the Edmund Rice Volunteer Corps (ERVC) you would be expected to:

    • Serve among people in need as Jesus did.
    • Hold a degree from a four-year college or university.
    • Show a willingness to participate in communal activities with students, parents, faculty/staff, and the greater Brother Rice Community.
    • Make a commitment of at least one school year.
    • Submit a resumé with two letters of recommendation.

If you feel that you would be a good candidate for the inaugural year of the Edmund Rice Volunteer Corps, please complete the on-line application. If you have further questions, please contact Jay Louis-Prescott, Campus Ministry Director or the Campus Ministry Office for more information at (248) 833-2270