The art department offers a variety of elective classes for students who are interested in learning more about art and photography. While teaching the basics, history, advanced techniques, and theories behind art, the art department also strives to aid students to think more creatively, learn to take advantage of their imagination, and understand how to properly evaluate something visual. These are skills that are extremely useful not only in fine arts fields, but many other fields where one must create, design, write, or evaluate something. In addition to the practical advantages, many universities like to see a fine arts class because it shows that the student is interested in a well-rounded education, is able to think creatively, and can turn a thought into something tangible.

The art department offers four art classes, as well as an independent study art class. In addition, four levels of photography are offered with an independent study option.  Art I and Photography I are both introductory classes, which lead to more advanced and student-led classes. One of the highlights in introductory photography is the building of an operational camera using a shoebox. Independent study is the most student-led option. In this class students share with the art teacher what they would like to do, and once approved by the teacher, have the freedom to bring their project to reality using the methods and ideology learned in their previous classes. Click on the link above for a more detailed explanation of each course.


Ms. Gina Sackman
BFA Photography and Sculpture, Michigan State University
MFA Sculpture, Michigan State University
Certification Art Education, Michigan State University