The Brother Rice High School English Department aims to introduce students to classic literature and celebrated contemporary authors. For each grade level, two novels are designated for summer reading, while three novels are designated for honors and AP classes. Freshmen English is an introduction to world literature in which they study a variety of works in various genres. Sophomores study renowned American works in this survey class, while juniors study British exemplars in their historical contexts. And seniors concentrate on contemporary authors from around the world. Furthermore, the Brother Rice English curriculum incorporates the following: literary analysis and interpretation, vocabulary, grammar, MLA format for essays and research papers, presentation skills, discussion, independent reading, and preparation for standardized tests and the college application process.

The English Department strives to help students think critically, approach the world with an inquisitive and discerning attitude, appreciate artistic expression and creativity, understand historical and contemporary theories of rhetoric, and speak comfortably with anyone they may encounter. Students will also develop a strong understanding of grammar and usage, the structure of a well- written essay, analytical methods of reading and responding, and a variety of research techniques. Students will be exposed to the four forms of discourse: descriptive, narrative, persuasive, and expository.

Elective courses in journalism (Chieftain), the yearbook (Quest), and broadcast journalism (Chieftain Live) are open to all students.


English Department Directory

Michelle Neubauer, Chair – Ex. 2214
Chris Kase – Ex. 2212
Wendy Nuss – Ex. 2215
Julie Cencer – Ex. 2217
Ed Shaffer – Ex. 2014
Dawn Zink – Ex. 2211
Adam Walentowicz – Ex. 2282