Choosing a school is like many other important decisions that you will make throughout your life. You cannot be completely certain that the school you select is right for you until you have arrived, made friends, studied for your first history quiz, or started a science project.

At Brother Rice High School you will find the best of many worlds: the faculty and facilities of a large school, the friendliness of a small one, the strength and support of a caring, cohesive community, and the dynamic environment of a Christian atmosphere.  In walking through our halls, you will notice that our students know each other by name. Our faculty love teaching and enjoy helping students learn. There is a conscious effort on the part of the Brother Rice family not only to build on an exemplary institution, but also to be the finest model for the community.  A Christian Brothers Education will focus on developing a student’s soul, body and mind.

Our students often observe that attending Brother Rice has added direction and passion to their lives. At Brother Rice, learning and life are fully integrated. From the classrooms to the playing fields, you will learn to value intellectual inquiry and to surmount obstacles. You will set limits and reach goals within your potential. You will come to know yourself and to realize your abilities and talents. You will learn to express your views more clearly and to respect the opinions of others.

At Brother Rice we ask students to demand the best of themselves. We seek not only to challenge our students intellectually, but also to help encourage their emotional, social, physical, and moral growth. Attending Brother Rice is becoming part of a new family. Students, faculty, and administrators care about each other and the community. When you leave us, you will face the future prepared to meet the challenges and to make choices that will shape the rest of your life.  This is the decision of a lifetime.

As you explore the many different options for you education, consider carefully Brother Rice High School and the many benefits it has to offer. Providing high quality opportunities for personal growth and development, Brother Rice might be the place for you!

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