The business department offers a variety of different business classes that aim to expose students to the study of business. It is the goal of the business department to introduce the basics of business and provide students the opportunity to learn what they need to succeed when pursuing a degree, and later a career, in business. However, the business classes at Brother Rice High School are not only for future business majors. The three business classes also expose students to basic concepts such as the difference between credit and debit, how to be fiscally responsible, and the basics in keeping track of one’s personal finances.

Brother Rice offers a basic accounting class, which covers basic ideas of accounting such as journalizing, ledger posting, and creating financial statements. This class is a great introduction to accounting and exposes students who think that accounting is something they may want to pursue after high school. Brother Rice also offers a business and personal finance class that not only exposes students to the basic concepts in business, but also teaches them to apply these concepts in their lives. Business law is also offered, and aims to teach students the legal side of business, as well as the ethical codes of the business world. The ultimate goal of the business department, and Brother Rice High School as a whole is to best prepare students for college and life beyond. For more information on each class, click the link above.


Mr. Robert Kender
BS Computer Science, Dayton University
BA Business Management, Dayton University
BS Mathematics, Dayton University
BA Education, University of Detroit Mercy
Worked for 27 years in Business information