382  |   INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING     0.5 credit

In this one-semester course the student will be introduced to the role of marketing in society and within and organization, understanding consumer and organizational markets, marketing strategy planning, the marketing mix, and marketing institutions. Students will gain a basic knowledge of the economic/demographic, social/cultural, political/legal, and technological trends that are important to marketing.” Students would be encouraged to enhance their experience by participating in either our BEAM&R or DECA programs or both.

» Suggested to pair with 383 Fundamentals of Business Law or 385 Sports and Entertainment Marketing

383  |   FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS LAW     0.5 credit

The student will acquire a practical legal framework relating to his personal rights, obligations, and responsibilities, primarily within our business-oriented culture. The student will learn how to think analytically and systematically concerning legal situations, using both actual and hypothetical court cases to help him understand the fundamental principles of law. The student will study the law as an official statement of ethics: the moral guidelines which distinguish right and wrong conduct. Significant portions of time/study will revolve around current business and legal events which will assist in synthesizing textbook material.

» Suggested to pair with 382 Introduction to Marketing or 385 Sports and Entertainment Marketing

384  |   ACCOUNTING I     1.0 credit

In this full year course the student will learn basic accounting principles, theory, and practice. In the first semester, the complete cycle for a sole proprietorship is taught. In term two the student will learn about specific areas of accounting such as payroll and cash systems, taxes, fixed assets and depreciation, and accrued income and expenses. The student will also be exposed to partnership and corporate accounting practices.


This course is designed for the college-bound student or the business student seeking to understand the marketing of events and the role that sports and entertainment play in the movement of products and services in the global economy. Concepts will include creation of awareness and excitement for events, planning of events, event management and creation of new products, services and revenue streams.  Students will also learn promotional concepts associated with large events. Students become familiar with real-world concepts involved with public and sporting events.  They will understand business reasons behind promotional decisions and the power that sports and entertainment carries in the marketing of products and services in the global economy.  Students learn how to plan and manage events.  They also learn how sports and entertainment has become a medium used to market products and services.

» Suggested to pair with 382 Introduction to Marketing or 383 Fundamentals of Business Law

466  |   BUSINESS & PERSONAL FINANCE     1.0 credit

This full year course covers two major areas, business related and consumer related topics. Business and Personal Finance will expose you to the business and economic world that we live in today. The business topics include the economy, owning and operating a business, marketing, career planning, and human, financial and technological resources. The consumer topics include buying goods and services, credit, and money and risk management. Upon completion of this course, the student will have a better understanding of how to be successful in the business world along with how to manage personal finances.


Mark Dyar – Ex. 2280

Daniel Linares – Ex. 2293