Brother Rice is committed to providing our students a chance for artistic growth.  We offer fine and preforming arts including:

Marian Rice Players (MRP) is the performing arts company of Marian and Brother Rice High Schools. This group stages a play each fall and a musical each spring in the Marian auditorium. Outstanding performances include not only the talent of the student actors, but the dedication and skills of stage crews, costume committees, lighting staffs, production people, and the many other support groups necessary for producing excellent theater. Membership is open to Marian and Brother Rice students. For more information about MRP and upcoming shows, click here.

Concert Band: This 40-piece large ensemble is capable of playing intricate musical compositions.

Chamber Ensemble: Ten to 20 pieces with winds, strings, percussion, and keyboards, this group performs smaller, more intimate compositions.

Jazz Band: Standard jazz repertoire, exploring the art of improvisations. Includes 15 to 30 members.

Musicology: Explores the fundamental properties of music, physical as well as metaphysical.

Songwriting & Production: The actual creation and production of original music projects.

Pep Band: Supports sporting events; this group is outfitted for marching at events and parades.