The Business Entrepreneurship Alliance for Marian and Rice (BEAM&R) teaches and introduces students to business and entrepreneurship, business-related activities such as workshops, fund raising, guest speakers and marketing lectures, all striving to provide our students with more business knowledge and promote future entrepreneurs.

To this end, BEAM&R established DECA chapters at both schools (Brother Rice in 2010 and Marian in 2011). DECA is a national organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. In Michigan, DECA is the largest CTSO (Career and Training Student Organization) with over 7,000 high school student members. Among its main activities is to organize and sponsor business competitions.


BEAM&R students meet a minimum of once per week at either Rice or Marian, depending on schedules. Our main meetings are Tuesdays after school, typically from 3-4 p.m. These meetings have various, changing agendas but we usually will discuss one or more of the program elements listed below:

  • In Classroom Business Lectures: Business and Marketing concepts are introduced to the students throughout the year. We will use the McGraw-Hill publication, Marketing Essentials, commonly found in high school marketing courses around the country.
  • Workshops: Stimulating creative thought as well as providing students with some basic presentation opportunities is an important part of BEAM&R. In the past, one workshop we found worth repeating was the Smartphone App, an exercise that allows students in two-person teams to develop and present their ideas for a new application.
  • Competition: DECA sponsors district, state and national competitions for high school students, in which Rice and Marian students are eager to participate. There are nearly 30 individual and team events. Students demonstrate business knowledge, communication and quick thinking in these “Role Play” events. Both Rice and Marian  have provided a means for BEAM&R students to earn a Varsity letter through DECA competition achievements.
  • Student-based Enterprise: The best way to learn anything is to live it. To that end, BEAM&R students continue to advance their activities in developing their own business situations. This year, the BEAM&R organization has provided concessions for Basketball and Football games. Look for the students to expand this to other sports and perhaps special events.
  • Business Speakers: BEAM&R sponsors a speaker series called BEAM&R and Bagels. Typically, successful alumni business leaders address all students at the breakfast. The speaker provides background on their successes (and failures) and the students engage in a dynamic Q&A  session. These meetings are generally held before school on a Thursday morning (to be announced).
  • Scholarship: A tuition-assistance scholarship was put in place at both Rice and Marian in 2011. It is awarded to the outstanding BEAM&R student at each school. The scholarship is open to active BEAM&R members. Eligible students must complete an application in March of the award year.


BEAM&R is open to all students participating at any time throughout the year. Membership requirements are consistent with all extracurricular activities on both campuses. All that is asked is for each student to provide a full contact sheet as well as $50 registration fee. This fee will cover DECA membership, as well as a portion of District registration. Many students are involved in Fall sports and are usually finished prior to Michigan DECA activities. Where attendance at meetings and events are recorded, it is not mandatory.

Financial Disclaimer

There can be no better lesson in life and business than financial self-sufficiency, and that is our goal with BEAM&R. Despite success raising funds in prior years, we were unable to cover all expenses due to the high volume of participation. BEAM&R will use the membership attendance record to develop a priority list of students who will be covered by club funds. If we are successful throughout the year, all students will be covered. Otherwise, students with lower participation points will be asked to subsidize their own DECA costs at State and National competitions.

Moderator: Mark Dyar

Brother Rice High School is a National Blue Ribbon School and ranked the #1 Catholic High School in Michigan for four consecutive years. A proud private educational institution located in Bloomfield Hills.