Brother Rice Catholic High School MI Warrior logo ROnce you join the Band of Brothers, you are a member for life.  Several of our Alumni have organized into groups for networking and career support.  These groups also work with our current students to provide internships, career counseling and advice.  For more information please visit each groups website and/or LinkedIn page.

Business Warriors

The Brother Rice Business Alliance (BRBA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 by a group of Brother Rice alumni who had a vision for businesses whereby they would meet, exchange contacts, share information, refer business opportunities to one another, and provide a source of funds to support Brother Rice High School.  In appreciation for receiving a referral that results in new business, members are asked to make a donation to the BRBA to help support Brother Rice. BRBA members meet approximately six times a year.

The group also provides career guidance and shares job opportunities with Brother Rice students, alumni, parents, business members and others affiliated with Brother Rice.  It is free to be a member of BRBA. Membership is open to Brother Rice alumni; past, current and future Brother Rice parents; past and current Faculty / Staff; current students; and other friends of the institution.

Warrior Bar Association

Founded in 2009, the Warrior Bar Association (WBA) is an alumni support group of Brother Rice High School and is open to all alumni and parent attorneys and alumni law students.  The WBA focuses primarily on activities that allow our members to be involved in the Brother Rice community, with the expectation that the school will ultimately benefit. There are no dues or fees to be in the WBA. However, if you choose to take advantage of the services that the WBA provides, please consider contributing to the school in the name of the WBA.

Our activities include:

  • law-related programs with the school
  • newsletters to distribute member news
  • networking events for our members
  • a WBA website
  • a member directory

Warrior Engineering & Technological Society

Membership is open, but not limited to: Alumni with degrees or extensive backgrounds in engineering, science, or technology. Family of alumni with degrees or extensive backgrounds in engineering, science, or technology. Current students wishing to pursue a future in the engineering & technology fields. Family of current students with degrees or extensive backgrounds in engineering, science, or technology. We will welcome other alumni involved in these industries, but who don’t necessarily have the engineering/technological background for networking purposes and perhaps referrals.