Quest is the Brother Rice High School yearbook. The yearbook is created and published by a photojournalism class dedicated to the production of the yearbook. Students in the class attend sport events, school programs, dances, and other events and work with the moderator to take pictures for the yearbook. The students will then learn how to take the photos, edit them, and design attractive looking pages for the yearbook. This class is great for students who would potentially like to pursue a career in journalism. The class is often taken with the news paper journalism class to give students a strong understanding of what it takes to create a published product. Photojournalism teaches students how to take striking photographs, and how to turn those photographs into a finished product they can be proud of. Students will be working on deadlines, and will learn how to work on an organized timeline. The yearbook is created as events take place through the year, is published over the summer, and is available the next fall. If you are have any questions about the Brother Rice yearbook, place contact Mr. Kuras.