Warrior Young Alumni Club

The first Brother Rice students walked through the doors and into the halls of Brother Rice High School in 1960, starting a rich legacy of traditions.  The Warrior Young Alumni Club challenges graduates of the past 15 years and current students to show their loyalty to Brother Rice and their Band of Brothers by making an annual gift of at least $19.60 to the Fund for RICE. 

Upon graduation, our students join the ranks of Brother Rice Alumni – a proud honor that also comes with the shared responsibility to support the Br. Rice and the Warriors that follow in their footsteps. This is the hallmark of what it means to be a brotherhood of Warriors.

Warriors Pay it Forward

Why give to The Fund for RICE? Annual contributions from Warrior Alumni provided the resources that helped prepare you for your future. Today’s Brother Rice students are going through that same preparation.  Your gift provides an opportunity to Pay it forward to the next generation of Warriors. 

Warriors Band Together

Join the Warrior Young Alumni Giving Club by committing a minimum of $19.60 annually* through a one-time gift or monthly recurring giving as noted below.  Club members will be recognized in our Honor Roll of Investors magazine. 

Warriors Make a Difference

Monthly Giving at a Glance

Total Gift Amount and Monthly payment:

$60  —   $5 monthly payment

$100 —  $8.34 monthly payment

$120 —  $10 monthly payment

$150 —  $12.50 monthly payment

$180 —  $15 monthly payment

$240 —  $20 monthly payment

Please note: monthly gift amounts reflect 12 payments

Suggested Giving Levels an affordable step into charitable giving

Suggested Gifts by Years Since Graduation:

0-5 years —  $19.60 or more

6-10 years —  $10+ a month or,  $100+

11-14 years —  $20+ a month or, $250+

5, 10, & 15 Year Reunions —  consider an increased special gift in honor of your reunion

All members of the Warrior Young Alumni Club will receive our Rice Today Magazine as well as special invitations to Campus events and gatherings.

Be sure Brother Rice has your preferred mailing and email addresses so you can stay connected to your classmates, receive the Alumni Newsletter, and learn about Alumni Events. Click here.