Academic Success Brother Rice Catholic High School Bloomfield Hills MI

John McGuckin Jr. ’64 Institute for Academic Success

The John McGuckin, Jr. ‘64 Institute for Academic Success is a dynamic cross-disciplinary space for study skill formation, learning remediation, student & faculty collaboration, scholarly research, and accelerated academic pursuits. This Institute is central to the learning experience for all students during their tenure at Brother Rice – from the challenged learner to the gifted scholar. 

Designed as the mission-centered cornerstone of Brother Rice’s commitment to inclusive student learning & achievement, The John McGuckin, Jr. ‘64 Institute for Academic Success is a vibrant academic space for students to discover their intellectual passions and deepen their educational pursuits.

The John McGuckin, Jr. ‘64 Institute for Academic Success hosts student presentations, alumni collaboratives, faculty seminars and symposiums, educational forums, and curriculum-based experiential learning opportunities linking student educational pursuits with successful Brother Rice alumni aligned by college or professional interest through mentor days, shadow days, and guest lecture programs on campus and throughout Detroit.

The Achieve Plus Program

The Achieve Plus (A+) Program is housed within The John McGuckin, Jr. ’64 Institute for Academic Success.  The program provides a supportive learning environment for any student who needs additional support in mastering subject area content.  It is a student-focused support room where one-on-one, small group, and peer-to-peer tutoring is accessible.

In addition to tutoring walk-in students, students who need additional support may be assigned to the Achieve Plus Program during their study periods.

 A+ Tutoring Hours

9:00 am – 3:30 pm Mon, Tue, Thurs, and Fri

9:00 am – 2:00 pm Wed

Student Support Plans

To receive a BRHS Student Support Plan for a learning disability, a student must have valid paperwork on file with a diagnosis.  Valid paperwork would include a current IEP or a full psychological evaluation. A 504 plan, doctor’s note, or paperwork older than three years will not be considered acceptable for a BRHS Student Support Plan. Click here for the application form.

Valid paperwork must be submitted by September 30th of the academic year for the student to receive accommodations for the school year. Once the paperwork is on file with our Student Support Specialist, students will continue to receive the accommodations as detailed in their support plans through their time at BRHS.

In general, two supports will be provided:

  1. A separate location for taking tests with extra time given
  2. Quizzes taken in class with extra time provided by the classroom teacher

Extra time is defined as time and a half.  This is the time all other students are given in class plus an extra half of that time.  All tests must be completed on the same day they are first taken unless special permission is given by the classroom teacher.  

If a student is below the 12th percentile in reading or has previously had tests consistently read, they may be provided with a test reading accommodation and double time. Also, if a student has valid paperwork for dysgraphia or a learning disability in written expression, they will be provided with a word processor for tests in a separate location and double time.

Any disagreements with the accommodations provided will be resolved through a meeting with the Academic Support Plan Process Committee. This committee is composed of the Student Support Specialist, a counselor, a current teacher, and the Vice Principal.