Proud Third Generation Legacy Families looking at Brother Rice

Posted: November 19, 2020

As our prospective students are exploring their options for the 2021-22 academic school year, we are thrilled to have two third generation legacy students, from the Tom Vittiglio ’68 and Ed Callaghan ’64 families, with their eyes on Brother Rice. 

The Vittiglio Family

Tom ’68 and Anthony ’95 Vittiglio with future legacy Warrior Anthony Romano. 

On having a 3rd generation legacy Warrior in the family, Tom Vittiglio ’68 shares, “I hope that my grandson will have the same life experience as I did at Brother Rice. The academics and lifelong friends that were made during my four years in high school will never be forgotten. I also hope that my grandson never has to hitchhike home after JUG like I did in 1964-1968.”

Anthony Vittiglio ’95 feels a great deal of pride in having his son attend his alma mater, as well, and remarked, “I remember my first year at Brother Rice and meeting so many new people from all over the area, several of whom I still maintain a very close and personal friendship. I am excited for my son to hopefully have the same experiences as I did in the classroom and athletic fields, and to watch him grow with other young men of families that choose to belong to our great community. We are proud to have three generations of our family attend Brother Rice.”

The Callaghan Family

Ed ’64 and Sean ’93 Callaghan with Quinn sporting the orange and black!

Sean Callaghan ’93 is excited at the prospect of his son, Quinn, becoming a third generation Warrior. “I’m extremely proud that my son has grown into the type of young man that I think is the perfect fit for the Brother Rice class of 2025. He has a wide variety of talents and interests. He’s a really good athlete and musician. More importantly he is an excellent student. Most importantly he is a person of faith and integrity. Quinn would be a great addition to any school he chooses. It’s a important decision and we are going through the process, but I’ve been impressed with the fantastic reputation that Brother Rice continues to have throughout the community. A decision should not be made on legacy alone but it’s comforting to begin your vetting process and discover that your Alma Mater has been ranked the #1 Catholic high school in Michigan. Go Warriors!”

Ed Callaghan ’64 proudly shares that Quinn would be the 22nd member of the Callaghan family to become a Brother Rice Warrior if he enrolls and says, “I will be very proud if my grandson Quinn M. Callaghan decides to be part of the Brother Rice Class of 2025 following the footsteps of his father Sean class of 1993 and his Uncle Brian class of 1996.” The long list of Callaghan Family Warriors includes:

1) Edward D. Callaghan  1964
2) William J. Callaghan  1965
3) Christopher T. Callaghan 1970
4) Kevin M. Callaghan  1972
5) Joseph. H. Callaghan 1973
6) Patrick G. Callaghan 1976
7) James P.Callaghan  1983
8) John F. Callaghan  1985
9) Colin M. Callaghan  1992
10) Vincent J. Callahan
11) Sean M. Callaghan 1993
12) Brian C. Callaghan 1996
13) Brian P. Callaghan 1999
14)  Paddy Lynch  2002
15)  John D. Ebbing 2007
16) Shane P. Callaghan 2008
17)  Thomas F. Ebbing  2012
18)  Brendan P. Callaghan 2012
19) Jack P. Callaghan  2016
20) Kyle W. Callaghan 2017
21) Aiden J. Callaghan  2022
22) Quinn M. Callaghan  2025  

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