The Band of Brothers



The Band of Brothers. They are seventeen and they are seventy. They are starting their lives and they are beginning to look back on lives well lived. Even though you’ve never met them before and perhaps have never heard their names — they are your brothers simply because you too are a Warrior. It is your common bond, and it will be lifelong.

The Band of Brothers system was created in 2007-08 to emphasize the formation of the entire person. The program embraces Christian Brother values to enhance the pastoral care provided to all students, strengthen a sense of community, promote the development of relationships and enable a more proactive development of leadership skills.

There are six Bands, named after the following Saints — St. Padre Pio, St. Brendan, St. Leo the Great, St. Maximillian Kolbe, St. Raphael and St. Sebastian.

  • Each Band is composed of approximately (115) students, (5) mentor teachers, and (1) House Dean. A student will be a part of his band for (4) years.
  • Each student is selected to participate in a mentor group within his band composed of freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors and approximately 20-25 students.
  • Mentor groups meet 3-4 times per week and help to develop community and school wide programs.
  • There are over (50) leadership positions available to serve the school through the band system.
  • Friendly ‘Band’ competitions are scheduled throughout the school year to promote school spirit, Christian service, and leadership development.
  • Each Band competes for the Edmund Rice Challenge Cup.

Additional Information

House System

The primary purpose of the Band System is to further the mission of Brother Rice High School by developing leadership and camaraderie among the students. The Band System embraces our heritage of Christian Brother values by enhancing the pastoral care provided to all our students, strengthening our sense of community, promoting the development of relationships, and providing leadership mentoring to all.


  • To enhance individual care by providing each student with at least three significant adults – a Band Dean, a Band Mentor, and a Guidance Counselor – who will monitor and support the academic, social, spiritual and behavioral growth and development of each student
  • To strengthen the bonds of Brother Rice family spirit across all classes, regardless of age
  • To create opportunities for all Seniors to be trained and to serve as leaders
  • To provide more leadership development opportunities for underclassmen
  • To advance each student’s interpersonal relationship skills

Band System Terminology

  • Band System Director: The leader responsible for the effective administration of the Band system, Student Senate and student co-curriculars
  • Band System Assistant Director: The leader responsible for assisting the Director with Student Senate and student co-curriculars
  • Band Dean: A faculty member chosen to oversee the effective development of a Band
  • Band: A group of approximately 120 students in 9th through 12th grade
  • Mentor Group: A multi-divisional group of approximately 25 students within a Band (formerly known as “homeroom”)
  • Mentor: A faculty member assigned to oversee the effective development of a Mentor Group (formerly known as “homeroom teacher”)
  • Student President: Senior serving in the top student leadership position
  • Student Vice Presidents: Seniors serving in the top student leadership group
  • Band Captain: Seniors who will lead students within a Band
  • Mentor Group Captain: Senior who will lead students within a Mentor Group
  • Senior Leader: All Seniors within a Mentor Group

Band System Facts

  • Each student will be assigned to the same Band his entire time at Rice
  • Each student will have the same Dean his entire time at Rice
  • Each Band is overseen by a Dean
  • Each Band has five Mentor Groups, each overseen by a Mentor
  • Each Mentor Group will contain students in 9th through 12th grade
  • There will be two senior Band Captains in each Band, elected by their fellow seniors
  • There will be approximately five seniors in each Mentor Group; these Senior Leaders will be responsible for supporting the effective functioning of their Mentor Group, working with their Mentor, Dean and Band Captains
  • There will be one Senior Leader from each Mentor Group assigned as the Mentor Group Captain, responsible for coordinating the leadership functions of the Senior Leaders in their Mentor Group and for representing their Mentor Group in Band governance activities
  • There will be approximately 120 students in each Band
  • Mentor Groups will meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for approximately 15 minutes
  • Mentor Group meetings will be a time, first and foremost, for building camaraderie across divisions; this time also will be for school announcements, tutoring, discussion, and activities

Mentors will monitor and support the academic, social, spiritual and behavioral growth of the students in the Mentor Group

  • Band Deans will assist Mentors in their support of students, and they will oversee the effective running of the Band
  • Band Deans and Mentors will serve as another point of contact and support for parents
  • School counselors will work closely with Mentors and Deans to support the students
  • School administrators will continue to be responsible for making official decisions on the academic, social, spiritual and behavioral development of the students
  • When parents have a concern, they may choose to contact their son’s Mentor, his Band Dean, his Counselor or an administrator to seek advice and assistance

Competitions & Band Meetings

  • Throughout the school year, Bands will participate in friendly, positive competition designed to build camaraderie within and among the Mentor Groups and Bands, to encourage student involvement and participation in Band and school events and activities, and to strengthen the Brother Rice family spirit throughout the school
  • Competition may be in the form of sports, academics, service, school spirit, talent shows, etc.
  • Band Meetings will be scheduled throughout the school year (two bands will meet every Wednesday, alternating schedule)
  • Band Meetings will be designed and organized by the Senior Leaders
  • Band Meeting activities may include: skits, speakers, sporting events, service projects, student achievement recognition, etc.

Questions & Answers

Will students lose their class identity?
No. The school will continue to hold many activities by class, including the academic curriculum, sports, lunch periods, Class meetings, Class mixers, Junior/Senior Prom, etc.

Will all students become leaders?
Yes, that is the goal. The school recognizes that there are many different levels and styles of leadership. At the conclusion of his Junior year, each student will participate in an in-depth Christian Brother Leadership Training Program that will prepare him for his role as a Senior Leader. Underclassmen also will be called to lead in various capacities throughout high school .

Will the daily schedule change because of the Band System?
Yes. While class time will remain essentially the same, the time allotted for Mentor Group and Band activities may necessitate other changes in the schedule.

Does the Band System really work?
Yes. Prior to its implementation, our extensive research indicated that it can have a positive, transforming effect on a school family; how effective that change is depends on the leadership and effort of the student body. After four years of the Band system, positive results are measuarble in many areas, including grades, discipline, Christian service, etc.