St. Leo Mentor Group Service Trip

Posted: June 25, 2014

St leo 01

(L to R) Logan Fish ’16, Ben Camp ’16,  Lorenzo Spagnoulo ’17, Neal McCaffrey ’16

Members of St. Leo Mentor Group volunteer their time several months during the year at St. Leo’s Soup Kitchen in Detroit, Michigan (Grand River near 15th street). The boys usually arrive to St. Leo’s by 9:30 a.m. The first thing they do is help prep all of the food to be served — (vegetables, fruit, main dish, bread). They will then prepare the tables and also serve the food to approximately 100-125 people. Being “on the front lines” and standing by those who are marginalized, as did Edmund, is a great lesson for the boys. Finally they will clean up from the meal and do any additional work, such as unloading a delivery truck. The general time to leave is around 1:00 p.m.

Another thing about the experience is the great workers and volunteers they have at St. Leo. Chris is the man who runs the day-to-day operations, and then there are different volunteers who come on different days to supervise, like Ron and Gary. Each of these men have been a part of St. Leo’s for decades. When the boys go, there is good fellowship among them and the people they encounter.

St. Leo’s soup kitchen has dental and health services scheduled during the week, so if you want to donate any supplies, the students will be glad to deliver them. Clothing donations are also welcome, as there is a table for clothes set up every day.

Upcoming days for St. Leo Mentor Group boys to do this service have already been scheduled. They are the day before Thanksgiving and  Christmas Eve. A long-term objective is for the young men of St. Leo Mentor group to continue to play a role in volunteering at St. Leo’s. These are two very special days that will be very enriching. There is space for 5-6 boys, so if you are interested, please contact Mr. McCarville to reserve a spot.

st leo 02

Neal McCaffrey ’16

st leo 03

Matt Hannawa ’17

st leo 04

(L to R) Ben Camp ’16, Neal McCaffrey ’16, Logan Fish ’16