Jason Vazzano ’96 and Mathew Naimi ’91 Speak Today at TEDx Detroit

Posted: October 2, 2013

TEDx looks for creators, catalysts, entrepreneurs, artists, geeks, designers, thinkers and doers.  Today two Warriors will take the stage and address the crowd on how they are making a difference in the world and right here in our community.  For more information or to watch online visit www.tedxdetroit.com


Computers are everywhere: in our phones, in our cars, and now… on our bodies?

In his talk, “Wearable Computing and Getting Intimate with Your Devices,” Jason Vazzano ’96 will talk about the future of technology and how it is incorporated into our glasses, watches and other accessories, and how these changes will impact social dynamics.

“It’s taking a look at the potential for wearable computing to be adopted in mass, how wearable computing is going to change how we interact with others around us, and what the potential is,” he said.

Vazzano is the co-founder of Vectorform, a Metro Detroit-based technology firm with offices all over the world.

He was born and raised in Detroit and said it was a world-class city.

“It’s filled with creators from artists to technologists who deliver world-renowned work,” he said.

When it comes to making a positive change, Vazzano said positivity must be genuine.

“Positivity must be authentic for it to grow,” he said. “Finding something in your life to be positive about is the first step.”

For more information on Vectorform visit www.Vectorform.com.


Matthew Naimi founded Recycle Here! in 2005 to address the need for recycling options in the City of Detroit. What began as a grassroots, neighborhood, recycling event has evolved into a city-wide, fully-funded, neighborhood recycling program.

Recycle Here! is working with the Detroit Public Schools recycling paper, plastic, metal, light-bulbs, Styrofoam and batteries, which is integrated into the science class curriculum. Recycle Here! works with each school’s science teacher to identify on-site locations that will be used by the students to separate and store collected recyclables until the scheduled monthly pickup. Each participating science class is encouraged to create a “Green Team”
which will collect and weigh their recyclables. Recycle Here! will supply schools with bins, assembly kickoff, poster, labels and facility tour to each participating school.

For more information on Recycle Here! visit www.recyclehere.net