Annual Fund FAQs


Brother Rice High School relies on gifts of all sizes to advance the mission of Blessed Edmund Rice.  Each year, gifts from benefactors of Brother Rice High School help students take advantage of all that a Christian Brothers education has to offer.  The Brother Rice Annual Fund is our annual appeal for contributions from alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, parents, staff and friends of Brother Rice to help defray the costs of a Catholic education that tuition revenue alone does not cover.  Gifts to the Annual Fund allow the Brother Rice Leadership to prioritize the areas of greatest student need while supporting our mission in all areas including religious activities, curricular enhancements, technology upgrades, campus improvements and tuition assistance.  Every gift counts!


Why does Brother Rice need me to give every year?  

Your annual gift to Brother Rice provides strength and stability by providing vital resources that shape the excellence in education and Warrior experience on our campus.  Tuition and Endowment Funds alone do not cover the operating cost of Brother Rice.


Why not raise tuition to cover the full cost of expenses?

We do not want the expense of tuition to prohibit qualified students from attending our school.  It is especially important to our mission that tuition remains affordable in order to serve all families choosing a Catholic education.  Currently, tuition and Endowment funds only covers approximately 80% of the cost of a Brother Rice education.  The Annual Fund, and gifts like yours, make up the difference.


Can I direct my gift to an area of special interest? 

Of course.  Your gift matters to us and we want to support what matters to you. You can restrict your gift to the priority areas listed below, or contact the Advancement Department to discuss your area of passion.

• Academic Programs

• Athletic Facilities and Programs

• Capital Improvements

• Tuition Assistance Program

• Scholarship Funds – Named or general

• Unrestricted – The area of greatest need


Is 100% participation important?

Yes! Even a $5.00 gift can help increase our alumni and family participation percentage.  Before outside funding sources, such as foundations, will consider donating their dollars, they want to know that the Brother Rice Alumni and Community are supporters as well.  With the increasingly competitive market in our area, a high percentage of alumni and family participation is extremely important.  For that reason, EVERY GIFT COUNTS!


When is the best time to make a gift?

It is always a good time to give to the Annual Fund.  The Brother Rice fiscal year runs from July 1 – June 30th annually and all donations in the fiscal year will be recognized in our Honor Roll of Investors.


If I contribute early in the year, will I still receive other mailings?

Yes, each of our mailings includes important Brother Rice information that you may not find through other sources.  Additionally, many of our supporters make more than one gift in a year.


What are matching gifts?

Many companies allow employees to increase the impact of their charitable contributions through a company sponsored Matching Gift Program.  You can maximize your charitable gifts to Brother Rice in one of the following ways:

• Obtain a Matching Gift Form from your employer and mail to Brother Rice with your donation.

• Utilize the matching gift service provided on your company website.

• Provide your company with an acknowledgment from Brother

Rice that you made a gift.

The Brother Rice High School Tax ID number is 38-1647300


Can you explain Giving Circles?

It is our hope that all stakeholders in the success of Brother Rice High School prayerfully discern a meaningful amount to donate.  We hope that our alumni and families will choose to make Brother Rice their philanthropic priority.  Giving Circles recognize donors for their combined annual gifts through the Annual Fund and our events.  Donors who support Brother Rice with annual gifts at the Principal’s Circle level and above are invited to the President’s and Principal’s Reception each fall. 

• Edmund Rice Circle: Gifts of $25,000 and above

• Founder’s Circle: Gifts from $10,000 to $24,999

• Christian Brothers Circle: Gifts from $5,000 to $9,999

• President’s Circle: Gifts from $2,500 to $4,999

• Principal’s Circle: Gifts from $1000 to $2,499

• Warriors’ Circle: Gifts from $500 to $999

• Orange & Black Circle: Gifts from $250 to $499

• Band of Brothers Circle: Gifts up to $249


We always welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally.  You can reach members of the Advancement Department at 248-833-2010, or you can email