2019 Alumnus of the Year

Brother Rice Catholic High School Bloomfield Hills mi Alumnus of the Year

The Alumni Association is proud to announce Dan Allor ’86 as our 2019 Alumnus of the Year. 

Dan is a man who promotes personal and social development, as well as caring, Christian communities of learning and teaching.  He supports Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition, and is a man of faith, one who honors respect and humility.  Dan is known for his leadership and his success in every one of his professional endeavors, and exhibits the utmost in generosity by committing himself to the furthering of a solid Catholic Christian value system via Brother Rice High School. 

Brother Rice Catholic High School Bloomfield Hills mi Alumnus of the Year

Dan met his wife Danielle when he was a junior at Brother Rice High School.  She attended Lakeland High School, they fell in love and have been married for 29 years.  They have five children: Danny III (28), Christine (26), Megan (25), Erica (22) and Mary (20).  Dan’s brother Larry graduated from Brother Rice High School in 1994 and he also has two sisters, Cindy and Becky.  Dan and his family currently reside in South Lyon, MI. 

Dan is a master plumber by trade and started working in the plumbing business as a junior in high school.  He knew very early on in his childhood that he wanted to be a plumber and work in that line of business.  Dan’s father was a plumber, and that is where Dan’s love of the trade grew.  From the beginning, Allor was a simple man with a simple plan who followed his passion.  Dan never doubted his plan to become a plumber, yet the only thing that may have come as a surprise to him, was that he’d become the owner of one of the largest plumbing companies in Michigan.  Not only did Dan prove successful as a plumber, but he also serves as a developer and a builder.

Brother Rice Catholic High School Bloomfield Hills mi Alumnus of the Year

He acknowledges his father, Dan Sr., and former Brother Rice Head Football Coaching legend, Al Fracassa, as his two greatest influences; Dan credits both men for the work ethic and discipline they instilled in him. His children describe Dan as determined and driven, and they say he pushes them to be the best they can be, which often times means not settling for the path of least resistance, but rather doing what is needed to accomplish the necessary goals that are laid out in front of them.   Dan’s main goal as a parent was to raise respectful children, he remembers his parents instilling in him faith and kindness, which allows him to give to others, because that’s what truly makes him happy.

Dan brings many skills and talents to his various businesses, but ultimately, he feels that if he puts himself in his employee’s shoes, he finds that he is a better leader and can relate more effectively to their expectations.  His personal motto speaks for itself: treat others like you would want to be treated.  He learned early on that if you treat others with respect and give back when you can, life can be pretty rewarding and uplifting.  Normally when you talk about goals with an entrepreneur, they’ll tell you about financial stability, generating greater ROI, or growth, growth, and growth, but Dan’s goals align a little differently.  His 2019 goal is similar to his goals from past years, which is simply to give back more than he gave the previous year.

Allor got involved with Brother Rice shortly after he graduated in 1986.  For two years, he helped coach junior varsity football, which allowed him to be around Coach Fracassa a few more seasons.  Since then, he’s done a lot for Brother Rice High School.  About 10 years ago, he and his classmates helped initiate the Class of 1986 Scholarship, which established the first endowed class scholarship in the school’s history.  He has helped Brother Rice with many tuition assistance opportunities, as well as the school’s plumbing needs throughout the years – most recently during the latest construction phases – and he’s helped promote the school every day through his profession and business influences.  Enamored by the brotherhood when he was a student (including the moral values and spiritual effect he developed during his teenage years in high school), Dan stresses the fact that brotherhood prepared and disciplined him for the challenges he has faced as an adult.

Brother Rice Catholic High School Bloomfield Hills mi Alumnus of the YearUpon visiting Solomon Plumbing, patrons would find quite a few Warriors in their building including Dan’s younger brother Larry, Kevin Maida ’94 and his classmate Mark Szdlowski ’86.  Dan is proud to have these hard-working Warrior alumni as part of his team because each one of these men are like him; they stand by honesty and integrity, and they value quality, all of which are traits they all learned from Brother Rice. Dan Allor will reiterate that it is paramount to always give back when you can, but more importantly, you must remember where you came from because you represent more than just yourself.

Dan was honored at the Senior Alumni Luncheon, on Friday, May 10, 2019 at Oakland Hills Country Club.  

Brother Rice Catholic High School Bloomfield Hills MI
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