Admissions Events

Important 2017-2018 Admissions Dates


Wednesday              September 13          Class of 2022 Head Start Night 7-8:00pm                 8th Grade Parents

Wednesday              September 13          On-line application goes live

Saturday                   October 21              HSPT Prep                                   8 – 10:3am               8th Graders

Wednesday              October 25              Scholastic Olympics                  4-6:00pm                 8th Graders

Thursday                  November 2             Fall Open House                       7-9:00pm                 5th,6th,7th,8th  Graders

Tuesday                    November 14           HSPT Practice Test & Tutoring  4 – 7:00pm          8th Graders

Saturday                   November 18           HSPT #1                                   11:00am                     8th Graders

Tuesday                    November 28           HSPT Practice Test & Tutoring 4-7:00pm           8th Graders

Saturday                   December 2             HSPT #2 (accommodations)      8-11:00am          8th Graders

Wednesday              December 20           Priority Application Deadline

Thursday                  January 4                 results of HSPT first two tests received

Friday                       January 26               Acceptance Letter Mailing

Saturday                   February 3                HSPT #3                                   8-11:00am

Tuesday                   February 6               Accepted Student Event          6-10:00pm

Friday                       February 23             Deposits Due

Saturday                   March 3                   HSPT #4                                   8-11:00am                               8th Graders

Wednesday              May 23                     Incoming Warrior Welcome     7-8:30pm                 8th Grade Parents and Students