Sam Schwartz, 2018 Salutatorian

Sam Schwartz

2018 Salutatorian


4.37 GPA
National Latin Exam Summa cum Laude
National Honor Society
National Latin Honor Society
National Spanish Honor Society, President

Christ Child Leader
Baldwin House
Angel’s Place
NHS Tutor

CHSL Scholar-Athlete
SADD, Vice-President
Band Captain, St. Brendan
Varsity Tennis, Captain


Georgetown University


Salutatory Address at Commencement:

On behalf of the Brother Rice Board of Directors, President Reidy, Principal Okuniewski, the faculty, staff, families who have joined us tonight, and the Class of 2018, welcome.  I am very honored to have this opportunity to speak tonight.

In August of 2014, on my first day at Brother Rice, as a 14 year old freshman, I was walking alongside my fellow freshman and friend, an unshaven Nuke Simpson. Many people asked me, “Why is your dad walking you to class?”

I quickly learned that, as a freshman, even though I could easily be mistaken for a middle schooler…, at Brother Rice, I had nothing to worry about. Perhaps the quality, that distinguishes Brother Rice most from any other high school, is that our faculty, staff, and students genuinely care about each other, and go out of their way to help students feel comfortable, and feel that they belong, at Brother Rice. While the path is different for each student, the Warrior support system is second to none.

I say “Thank you” to my fellow Warriors for inspiring me. In fact, sometimes, I wish that I could “re-do” my time here at Brother Rice.

For example:

Had I known that my good friend, Matt Torey, would be an excellent player on our varsity basketball team, even though he is not yet tall enough to ride a roller coaster, maybe I would have kept playing hoops.
Had I known that Quinn O’Leary, who has grown up with me like a brother, would shoot rounds of golf, that are well into the hundreds, yet still be recruited by elite, Division 1 golf programs, maybe I would have focused on golf much earlier.
Jack Brockhaus has shown us that you can become a top pitcher in the entire state, yet have a fastball that maxes out at 65 miles per hour. Maybe I should have stuck with baseball…
As the Class of 2018 has grown over the past four years, we have learned more and more about the Brother Rice community that everyone always talks about, and that so many non-Warrior alums envy. School activities and athletics have reinforced our sense of community and brotherhood. Specifically for me, I had the pleasure of playing Warrior tennis, and the privilege of being co-captain with my friend, and four-year teammate, Riley McNulty.

Along the way as students, we have made memories in the classrooms and hallways that will never be forgotten. Mr. Carrico’s grueling homework quizzes, Mr. Filo’s weekly oral quizzes, Coach Joe Kal’s passion for competing, and Mr. Godwin’s speeches about prom etiquette, will be cherished forever.

We have shared profound moments together, such as Kairos, where our sense of brotherhood was stronger than ever.
Like my classmates, it is very important to me that my family is here tonight:
My grandfather – Eddie Giacomin, my grandmother – Marg Giacomin, my grandfather – Greg Schwartz… and Christa… I love you all and thank you for being here. And prayers to you, Grandma Judy… I know you are listening.
My great uncle, Mighty Joe Young, Class of ‘69, is here tonight.
Mom and Dad, thank you for sending me to Brother Rice, and for everything that you do every day for me to have the best life possible.

To my older brother, TJ, thank you for always looking out for me, and being a great role model.

To my younger sister, Mia, keep working hard at Marian and in your sports. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. And by the way, speaking here as your older brother, please continue to ignore all text messages and snap chats from my friends and fellow seniors, such as J.D. Allen.

Even my godparents are here tonight.  Thank you to my godmother, Aunt Chrissy.  My godfather, Wally Schwartz, Class of ’83, is present as a member of our Board of Directors. Thank you, Uncle Wally.

Most importantly, thank you to my Brother Rice classmates, the Class of 2018, for the best four years of my life. Our journey within the Warrior brotherhood is just getting started. I look forward to staying in touch with all of you guys. There is no limit to how much this Class will accomplish in the future.

Good luck to everyone, in your college endeavors next year, and beyond.

Live Jesus, in our hearts… Forever!