College Counseling & Guidance

Counselors and Academic Advisors are available to meet your son’s total educational support needs. Counselors work with students on a regular basis to explore educational, career, and college decision-making and personal concerns.

Our college counseling program is a multi-year resource that is designed to produce the strongest possible application for each student.

Services We Offer

Career/College Counseling & Exploration
Career information & counseling
Career assessment and interpretation
College major decision-making
Occupational exploration
Resource: Checklist for College Planning (PDF)

Special Services
Consultation with Birmingham Intermediate School District
Coordination of reasonable accommodations for extended test-taking time for standardized tests
Supportive services for students with disabilities
Classroom student advocacy

Educational Meetings & In-Services
Coordination of speakers for families
Teacher in-service training speakers
Extracurricular educational opportunities for students

Personal Counseling
Crisis intervention and referrals
Short-term counseling and assessment
Referrals for long-term counseling
Counseling groups, as needed

Testing Information

ACT test

2015/16 ACT test dates and registration deadlines click here

2015/16 SAT/SAT Subject Test dates and registration deadlines click here

SAT test

Khan Academy has excellent resources for PSAT preparation click here to get started.

Please contact our staff for more information

College Representative Visits

Representatives from a variety of Universities visit Brother Rice every year –  check out our calendar of visits.

Other Links

Academic Resource Center (ARC)
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Transcript requests
Suicide Prevention Resources