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Position: Principal

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Founded in 1960 by the Congregation of Christian Brothers of Ireland, Brother Rice High School is a private, fully accredited, four-year Catholic college preparatory school for young men.  The school is named after Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice who founded the congregation in 1802, and currently serves over 600 students. 

Brother Rice High School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan is seeking an innovative educational leader to become the new Principal.  This position serves as the academic leader of the school.

The Principal is appointed by the President and is responsible for preserving and promoting the Catholic identity of the school, the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice, and the philosophy and educational mission of the Congregation of Christian Brothers as embodied in the Essential Elements.

The Principal provides leadership in curriculum and faculty development and is responsible for the continued growth of the academic program and for facilitating the educational, spiritual, social, and athletic development of all Brother Rice students.



  • Be a practicing Catholic who is able to provide a letter of recommendation from parish pastor.
  • Hold a Master’s degree or higher from an approved program in Education or a related field.
  • Currently hold the endorsement for a school administrator certificate, Elementary/Secondary Administrator K-12 from the State of Michigan or an equivalent state endorsement.
  • 5 Years of experience in school administration.
  • Hold currently valid Michigan teacher certification.
  • Be able to provide evidence of three years of successful teaching experience.
  • Be able to meet any other local or regional requirements pertinent to the principal position at Brother Rice High School.


Responsibilities of the Principal

Progress in any aspect of education is influenced greatly by the leadership provided. It is the leadership of the principal that gives life to concepts, goals, policies, and theories. The principal should see his/her work in terms of sound educational objectives, as they relate to broad functions of administration and supervision.

As the educational head of the school, the principal is responsible for the effective operation of the school as a Christian educational community in accordance with the philosophy and policies set by the Christian Brothers of Ireland, and the Essential Elements.


The job description of the principal includes four major categories: that of Leader, Communicator, Supervisor and Administrator.


As LEADER the Principal is to:

  1. Foster a Christian environment which enables staff and students to attain their potential;
  2. Set philosophy and goals with the staff in accordance with the principles expressed in the Essential Elements;
  3. Cooperate with the President in maintaining a vibrant religious education program according to the norms of the Christian Brothers of Ireland;
  4. Strive toward development of a conscious, active faith community within the school;
  5. Embrace the cultural characteristics of the school community and give consideration to such in planning of school programs;
  6. Create with faculty members and administrators a student-centered learning environment;
  7. Undertake with faculty members a long and short range instructional planning;
  8. Participate personally in professional development opportunities;
  9. Give support to faculty members, administrators, students, and parents;
  10. Exercise his/her responsibility as chief decision maker in the school.


As COMMUNICATOR the Principal is to:

  1. Treat people in a manner that indicates respect for the dignity of the individual;
  2. Be available to faculty members, administrators, students, and parents;
  3. Ensure effective communication with parents in regard to student progress;
  4. Elicit suggestions and ideas from the faculty members and administrators and incorporate such in the decision-making process;
  5. Maintain good communication with the President;
  6. Develop and maintain good parent, student, faculty and community relations;


As SUPERVISOR the Principal is to:

  1. Be responsible for on-going evaluation of the quality of the school’s curriculum;
  2. Maintain a system of supervision and evaluation of teacher performance, both formally and informally;
  3. Assist and enable staff members to plan and implement innovative methods;
  4. Develop with the faculty a curriculum appropriate to the students’ needs in accordance with the directives issued by the Christian Brothers of Ireland and state authorities;
  5. Encourage a positive educational climate among the faculty through regular faculty meetings, conferences with teachers, in-service programs.


As ADMINISTRATOR the Principal is to:

  1. Interview applicants and select staff members who promote a Christian atmosphere and dismiss those who fail to promote the Catholic educational program;
  2. Ensure that adequate and up-to-date records are kept on file for each student and all employees in accordance with Christian Brothers of Ireland and state guidelines;
  3. Establish guidelines for student discipline and resolve school-related problems or conflicts of students, staff, and parents;
  4. Schedule for efficient utilization of resources and oversee the maintenance of the building to provide a clean, safe and healthful educational environment;
  5. Direct the process of requisitioning, distributing and accounting for textbooks and all instructional materials and equipment;
  6. Prepare and submit all official reports promptly and promulgate the official school calendar;
  7. Develop rules, regulations (School Handbook) and programs that implement policies established by the school and be responsible that such are enforced;
  8. Prepare the annual school budget in consultation with the President, and administer it so as to maintain sound fiscal management;
  9. Cooperate with local educational and civic agencies to ensure the welfare of all students.


Interested candidates should send their salary requirements, vitae/resume, and cover letter of interest by March 31, 2017 to Dr. Patrick Callaghan at


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Notice of Non-Discrimination

Brother Rice High School is an equal opportunity employer and will consider all applicants for all positions equally without regard to their race, sex, age, color, national origin, or disability in accordance with applicable laws.